Attack Belly Fat with New Stomach Fat Creams

One magic pill that everyone wants is the one that will get rid of belly fat. Common sense tells us that spot reduction doesn’t work for stomach fat, but the cosmetic and supplement companies are well aware that people will look for the easiest solution. They know that consumers will buy bucket loads of cream that will make belly fat vanish, even if there’s no proof that it works. Basically, you need to watch out for scams.

Is there hope for a topical belly fat treatment that really works? Well, there have been recent advancements in topical creams that appear to target the fat cells from the outside. They target stomach fat by acting with the subcutaneous belly fat cells. These are the fat cells that lie just beneath the skin.

How Fat Loss Creams Attack Belly Fat

This new generation of stomach fat creams works several ways to attack stubborn belly fat. Anybody that’s ever had problems with yo-yoing weight knows that preventing weight gain after losing it is an ongoing battle. The new stomach fat creams work within the fat cells to prevent the storage of additional fat. However, there’s another problem. Without a good exercise plan and the right diet, your body will continually manufacture new fat cells that will continually increase belly fat as they grow and mature. Therefore, scientists have built these into the new creams to short circuit newly formed fat cells from maturing.

Get Rid of Belly Fat While You Tone Your Skin

One added benefit of the new belly fat creams that are available these days as not only do they work on the fat cells from the inside, but they also work to tone the skin. If your skin is beginning to thin or sage, these creams may help tighten your skin, reduce wrinkling and cellulite, and decrease the appearance of stomach fat.

Active Ingredients That Really Work

Believe it or not, one of the main active ingredients in these new belly fat creams is something that many people use every day….caffeine. While this probably sounds a little strange to you, actress Halle Berry is known to use coffee grounds on her legs to help keep them toned and reduce the appearance of cellulite. In regards to spot reducing, particularly areas like stomach fat, researchers have discovered that the topical application of caffeine encourages the oxidation of subcutaneous fat and helps with the reduction of cellulite. This is a pretty amazing discovery about something that we simply enjoy with our morning newspaper.

Are These Belly Fat Creams a Magic Bullet?

The answer is no if you’re trying to lose weight and target stomach fat. Simply slathering a cream onto your skin will not magically erase unwanted belly fat. You still have to diligently eat a healthy diet and implement a sound exercise plan. However, if you are still struggling with sagging skin and excess stomach fat, you may want to consider using one of these new generation belly fat creams to get quicker results. If you decide to try one of these creams, make sure you use a reputable brand. Steer clear of those hokey products you see on infomercials or ads that promote a product as a complete solution or quick fix without disclosing the fact that you will have to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan as the foundation of any plan to lose belly fat.

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